13 X 3mm Mild Steel Flat Bar

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Mild Steel is also known as low carbon steel. It is a type of steel that has small carbon content. Its reduced carbon content makes it more workable and flexible than other steel types. It is the least expensive of all steel and the most common steel used. Used in nearly every type of product created from steel, it is weldable, very hard and, although it easily rusts, very durable. This type of steel is able to be magnetized and used in almost any project that requires a vast amount of metal. Its structural strength prevents it from being used to create load-bearing girders and structural beams. Many of the everyday objects that are created of steel are made using mild steel, including automobile chassis, motorcycle frames, and most cookware. Due to its poor corrosion-resistance, it must be painted or otherwise protected and sealed in order to prevent rust from damaging it. A light coat of oil or grease is able to seal this steel and aid in rust control.