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1. First, all gutters must be cleaned, making sure all debris are removed from gutters and downpipes. Using a hose, run water through the whole gutter system.2. If you have internal gutter clips you will have to make an incision into Gutter Protector Gutter Guard so clips fit into it. if you have external gutter clips this step is not required. Using a Stanley knife cut Gutter Protector gutter guard from the underneath section starting at approximately 25mm from pointy tip of foam as per diagram A. cutting down the doted line, leaving approximately 25mm of uncut foam see diagram B. Gutter clip can now fit into this incision. You will also need to make a 45 degree cut for your inner and outer corners see diagram C.

3. Now gutter protector gutter guard is ready for installation.First find your 90 degree angle on Gutter Protector gutter guard see diagram B, then find your shortest side of your 90 degree angle. This shortest side is first positioned towards the back of your gutter as per diagram D, pushing the short side under the roof end, then push the point of Gutter Protector gutter guard into the front lip of the gutter as per diagram D, adjust the back of Gutter Protector gutter guard making sure it sits flush with the back of your gutter.Gutter Protector gutter guard is now locked into place.

4. There is no need to worry if the top of Gutter Protector Gutter Guards have some slight bulges or dips, from either the clips, or gutters fitted close to roof endings causing the roof end to push into the Gutter guard. This will not affect the performance of Gutter Protector gutter guards.

gutter-protection-installation diagram1diagram2 digram-c diagram4


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