Maxline 340
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Maxline 340

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Product Description

This unique profile, named after renowned architect Max Pritchard, offers you a stylish and cost effective solution for your building projects.

Made from 100% Australian Colorbond® Steel, this concealed fix cladding profile is perfect for roofing and walling.

It is fully trafficable which means there is no need for a substrate (translation: less material cost, less labour cost).

With this profile you get the ability to add style and space with colour and finishing options you have never seen before.

Features & Benefits

  • Concealed fix flat profile
  • Self – spanning up to 1500mm
  • Perfect for both cladding and roofing
  • Mansard application is available (transitioning from wall cladding to roofing in a single sheet)
  • Genuine 325mm wide pan profile
  • Strong narrow “needle” 53 rib line
  • Innovative Angle Cut technology for clean lines and superior finish on all rakes and hips
  • For wall cladding, we offer concealed fix with no plywood.
    • no button punching or mechanical seaming required.
  • 100% Australian Colorbond® Steel

Roof Pitch

  • Can do down to a minimum roof pitch of 1 degree.

The Colorbond® Ultra steel range for Roofing, Walling, Gutters, Downpipe and Fascia is especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments – where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air, approximately 100 to 200m from breaking surf. Similarly, the effects of industrial emissions (fumes and/or particulate fallout) are typically lessened 100 to 200m from the source.


The Colorbond® Steel Range of Designer Colours offers a classic and contemporary palette to enhance the beauty of every home style. Where better to look for inspiration than in Australia’s own magnificent backyard. From our mountains to the outback, from creek beds to beaches, Colorbond® steel captures the light and energy that makes Australia’s colours so unique. You’ll find a range of colour choices to create the ideal look and feel for your project.


The Colorbond® Matt Range with its understated, true Matt finish and a construction specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, Colorbond® steel Matt offers a modern solution for all your roofing and walling needs.