190 x 45mm MGP10 Framing Pine

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AKD Softwoods’ structural framing is produced under a system compliant with AS/NZS1748 and AS2858 (as branded). For added integrity, AKD produces its structural framing within the requirements of the EWPAA Plantation Timber Certification Scheme (PTCS).

The Plantation Timber Certification Scheme is an independent, third party developed certification scheme that is accredited by the Joint Australian and New Zealand Accreditation System (JASANZ) to deliver utmost confidence in the products certified.

The scheme requires a high level of in-mill process control, testing, and verification of every batch of timber made. It requires regular internal auditing of product verification, and is backed up by independent testing of product by a NATA approved external laboratory. AKD is audited by the EWPAA every 6 months and market place surveillance testing of certified product is regularly undertaken.