WaterWall 1200L Tank

$1,450.00 / Tank

Each tank is: 1800mm high x 2466mm wide x 300mm deep. Storing 1200L of water.

Includes required brackets & steel supports.

The Waterwall system activates any property and fence line, to provide significant space savings and reduce water costs. Utilising an ultra-slim design, the Waterwall can fit in narrow spaces, where standard water tanks will not operate efficiently or will take up valuable outdoor space.

Recycled plastics are used in the manufacture of each Waterwall, which reduces plastic waste in our environment. The system helps manage urban stormwater runoff peaks and reduces demand on water storage catchments. An innovative and customisable control system provides flexible management stormwater storage, allowing water to be moved around the property.

The key benefits of the Waterwall system is its volume to footprint ratio. The advance design allows for maximum storage within the smallest footprint. It’s the ultimate space saver in water storage.

Thirdspace Waterwall Product Information

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Price Unit: Tank